Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i got a story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG..... I really wanna share this story. I entered a wrong lecture hall today.. My God, can u imagine, then I enter my real lecture hall but its already full! ( u know lots of student had to take Genetics course....) so the hall is always full but i never thought its 'overloaded' !! even no available chair!
So my buddy n I had to seat on a table at the back....
whoa!! its really unexpected, n shameful.... ( but still the lecturer bla...bla... at the front ) while we were 'struggling' to find a seat...
I was upset with the manager of the hall.... y he didnt repair the chair in the hall??
most of the chair in the hall were broken,n I guess that also the main cause i didnt got a chair today... haha... wuteva
but its the most weird thing or what the exact word i should describe about this situation??? mmmm..... yeah, the most embarrassing thing ever happen to me today!!! =)

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