Saturday, January 22, 2011

Story : He could be the One!!

I was on my way to class when I bumped on a young man. Our books are scattered all over the tiles and   even my purse also there. So I quickly said sorry and asked for his forgiveness without looking at him. At first I thought he was a mute guy but when he spoke..... " Are you blind!!!! ", he yelled at me. Can  you believe that?? I already said sorry but he still mad at me. What a stupid man.. I tried to have a look at him but he was really tall.

But then when I really had a chance to see him, I couldn't believe my eyes. He was the most handsome guy I'd ever met. His hair was short, real black like coal. His eyes were hazel and he was tanned. Plus, he's kinda tough guy just like a  model. Everything about him were perfect for me. However, seeing me watching him, he quickly picked up his books and leave me standing there alone like a statue.

My heart didn't stop pumped in as I saw him went away. Its my habit actually that I felt fluttered everytime I saw a handsome guy. But when I remembered his ill-mannered towards me just now, my giddiness for him gone automatically. It was now filled with hatred and disgust. If I ever saw him again, I'll swear to myself that I will bumped him again and never said sorry. That's my promise to myself!!

But..... when I met him again in the cafetaria, my heart started pumping and I felt blushed. What the tuuuut....
How come, I just made a promise to myself but my heart betrayed me. And the promise didn't last for 24 hours yet! That was okay, but could you believed it?? My limbs were shaking and became weak suddenly. Just the look of him could drive me crazy. Last night I thought I hated him but today?

What was happening to me?? Without thinking wisely, I went straight to him and said 'hi'. By the look at him, surely he was shocked enough and I was hundred percent confirmed that he didn't recognized me. And he asked me, '' Do I know you? Have we met before??" I was so frustrated but then I told him that I was the girl who bumped on him yesterday.

And then... suddenly his face reddened. He said to me," Go away before I kick you!". Hearing that, as fast as lightning I ran to my members desk. From that, I learnt my lesson. I would never ever talked to him or smile at him. Never!! full stop.

Since that horrible day, I would run away if I met  him on my way to everywhere. But truth was everywhere I went, he was there. Till one day, I was on my way to library when he followed me. I thought he wanted to go to library too but he called me. " Jane!!! Wait, ". I abruptly stopped and waited for him. When he was by my side, he smiled at me. Confused, I asked him " What's the problem? You still remember me? I thought you hate me..". Still smiling, he answered me " Yea, I still remember you. From the first moment I met you when you accidentally bumped me 2 weeks ago until now. I never forget you Jane. I tried but I cant. I don't know, I never hate you but I'm afraid with myself. This is the first time I fall in love with someone. And i hope you will give me chance and trust me. I know I hurt you and asked you to leave me but when you run away from me, I feel lost and lonely. Jane, can I be your one and only guy?"

I was speechless. Wait...wait! Am I dreaming? I pinched my cheek hardly, " Oucchh..." Well, I felt the pain so that's mean all of this were real. Was it true that Will expressed his feelings to me? No! It cant be. But.... "Jane, are you okay? I'm sorry if this is too early for you. Well, you don't even know me for real but I hope we can get to know each other after this. And Jane?". I answered him, " Yess.." " What I told you before is true. It wasn't a dream, its real. I hope you can give me chance to prove my love for you," Will told me. " And I'm sorry because the way I confess my feeling is not romantic,". And then he went away and leave me alone again.

From that day, he always being good to me. He waited for me after class so we could go home together. He was really friendly, he told me about himself. His dream, that he wanted to be happy with someone he loved, his family and everything while I kept my mouth shut. As if he knew what I'm trying to do, he asked me about my dream. I dont know, instead of telling him my dream I asked him about his feeling to me. " Jane, I still love you and I will wait for you if it takes years for you to accept me."

Present day.......
"Jane! Jane, where are you?? Jane! Janet??". Suddenly I hear someone calling me. I wake up from my bed quickly, but the frame that I was holding fall on the floor. The glass broke, and I quickly jump to pick the picture that had came out from the broken frame. Unfortunately, I accidentally struck the water on my desk and it fell on the floor onto the picture. When I collect the picture, it was already soaked with water. I cry then. That was the only picture I have. Picture of him.. Yes, him. Will, or William the guy that had stolen my heart and promised me that he would wait for me.

It had been five years. I haven't meet him but the memory of him still haunting me. His smile, his teasing and his humor. I know I am the one to put the blame on. I left him when he confessed his feelings. I moved on to a new school because I couldn't accept his love. I thought I could live without him. I thought I didn't love him. But I was wrong. I cant live without him. He was everything to me. And the most important thing is...
I love him. I really love him. I never felt in love with someone else beside Will. Now I realized one thing, he could be the one for me. Only him.

Five years isn't short time. I know Will might find someone else who is better than me. She must be the luckiest girl in the world if she has Will. Thinking about that, I feel upset. If I was that girl.... But no, I'm not that lucky girl. I don't appreciate Will and beside, I left him. Will would never forgive me and I believe he'd already forget me. No guys in this world will wait for a girl when there are thousands of them out there available for him. Especially if that guy is Will.

While I was daydreaming in my office, my secretary knock my door. I let her in and she tell me about today's meeting. According to her, the meeting will be in next ten minutes. So I go to ladies to have a final look of my appearance. It is important because today's meeting I'm gonna meet my new client. Ten minutes later, my new client arrived. I was busy checking my files and when he greets me, the files fall on the floor. He quickly pick up the files and give back to me. When I saw him, I feel weird. He looks at me like he knows me. I wave my hand in front of him, but he holds my hand.

"Jane.....", he said. And when I heard his voice, I know who he is. Now I know why that looks he gave me before mean. He knows me, no.. no... he still remember me. My new client is Will. Its Will in front of me now. I'm confused but at the same time I feel happy. I'm confused why Will is my new client because as far as I concern, my new client should be a lady not a man. And I'm happy because I finally found Will. " Jane, where have you been? I've been looking for you,Jane. Listen, I know you can't love me but why did you ran away from me before?" he continued. "This five years just like hell for me, Jane. I lose hope. I feel like an idiot when you're not around.. Please, tell me am I hurting you when I told you I like you? Please Jane...." . I was crying then. I feel terrible. 

"No... Will, you've never hurt me. Its me.... I was the one who's hurting you. I'm sorry....." I said in tears. Will pulls me in his arm and hugs me. He cuddles me and coaxing me. His words soothing me. I feel like I'm in heaven. "Jane, will you be my one and only soulmate?? I love you Jane, I'll never stop loving you....". Hearing him proposed to me, I quickly nod and smile at him. "Yess.... yesss.... I wanna be your soulmate forever Will.... thank you.. I love you too.." I told him. He's smiling, that wicked smile that can drive any women crazy. And of course that woman would be me. And I'm happy now. I was the luckiest woman in the world.

At last, I finally found the right man for me. William..... Yes, he could be the one for me!!

"He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
And when he's lookin' at me
I wanna get all sentimental
He's got somethin' special
He's got somethin' special
I can hardly breathe something is telling me
Telling me maybe he could be the one...
He could be the one, he could be the one......."

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